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Our Mission

a. To advance religion by providing religious instruction on how Hajj and Umrah should be performed.
b. To relieve poverty by providing pilgrimages to holy sites in Saudi Arabia for those who are poor.
c. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the above mentioned charitable purposes.

Our Team

Saima Khan, President / Founder

Saima Liaqat Khan is currently a full-time teacher at the Darul Quran Academy where she teaches students the complete memorization of the Quran and Islamic studies.

Alongside her teaching, She is learning holistic Islamic medicine where she is becoming a Hijama practitioner and herbalist. At the age of 11, Saima memorized the quran after which she devoted 30 years of her life to teaching students and opening up the first Muslim Women’s Institute in Surrey, B.C (which she later handed over to the Islamic Academy of Canada).

She has been fortunate enough to have experienced Hajj and Umrah several times over the years where she began to realize that there was a great number of people who would not be able to experience it, due to its expensive nature. Since 2014, She has been working towards providing the less fortunate in Pakistan the opportunity to experience Hajj and in 2016, with the support of her family, students, and community, Saima founded the Zaad- Ul- Hujjaj Foundation in Canada to give the gift of Hajj and Ramadan Umrah to as many people as she can in sha Allah.

Abubakar Khan, Director

Abubakar Khan is currently a student at the University of British Columbia. He is an advocate for social inclusion and cultural unity. He is the chair for an organization called SocialSport that aids refugee children. He is also a member of the Vision Vancouver Council.

Abubakar has memorized the Quran and performed Hajj and Umrah which has allowed for him to realize the need to help the less fortunate travel to Mecca- tul- Mukarrama.

Humaira Qayum, Director

Humaira Qayum is a mother of four and sous chef at Afghan Chopan where she works alongside her husband (owner/ head chef), Daud Qayum. Humaira, alongside her sons, is currently completing her Hifz- ul- Quran at the Darul Quran Academy where she is being taught by Saima Khan.

With Zaad- Ul- Hujjaj, Humaira hopes to make a significant impact throughout her community by sending families that are less fortunate to the blessed house of Allah.

Isra Khan, Director

Isra Khan is currently a third-year student at the University of British Columbia majoring in political science. She attended Iqra Islamic school for four years when she was a child where she learned how to read and recite the Quran.

In 2011, she went to perform Umrah for the first time and it was there that her passion to send other people for the same was born. With Zaad- Ul- Hujjaj, Isra hopes to fulfill this passion.